Superfood Coffee - Best Coffee but Different!

What is superfood coffee?

“We believe there are many good reasons for drinking coffee, so we tailored our superfood coffees to match your daily routine. We will wake you up and strengthen you when you must focus, regain your energy after lunch or help you relax and breath during a break.”
How do we do that?

▷ We include special superfoods and traditional spices in our coffee blends and combine them based on function and taste.

High quality of our ingredients is very important to offer extra benefits and a healthy alternative to the well-known coffee-milk-sugar combinations in everyday life.

▷ All our blends are organic, vegan, gluten free and without added sugars.

Coffee/ Superfood: Focus (85%/15%), Shine (70%/30%), Shape (60%/40%), Beauty (60%/40%)

Why do you drink coffee?

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Focus | has a full-bodied earthy taste that helps you stay present and focus on the tasks at hand. Great when there is a lot going on!

Beetroot is an unexpected but great match for coffee that, in general, is good for your liver, heart and blood. Cacao and Ceylon Cinnamon are two known coffee spices that can strengthen your mind and body and combined with coffee give you a good, healthy push.



Shine | A coffee blend with spices that smell so good, it will lift your mood and let you enjoy the day relaxed and with ease. Time to Shine!

Tonka Bean smells of vanilla, almonds and rum and is a synonym for well-being and satisfaction while Ceylon Cinnamon’s scent is supposed to improve brain functions and memory. Saffron adds a unique and harmonious flavour to the blend that also has less caffeine than Focus.


 Shape | isn’t sweet, it is a fresh replacement for dessert. It lets you enjoy the day with a feeling of lightness and ease.

Ginger is a traditional coffee spice that supports digestion, soothes flatulence and feeling of fullness. Green Coffee also stimulates metabolism and together with Acai provides the much needed kick after your lunch break.

 Beauty | has a natural sweetness and less caffeine - the perfect 2nd cup of coffee for a soft energy push without jitters.

Goji Berry also called ‘happy berry’ has high levels of vitamins, antioxidants and balances Yin & Yang of the coffee blend. Cardamom adds to the coffee’s wholesomeness and the slightly aphrodisiac (Bourbon) Vanilla provides a fine, aromatic flavour.

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