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What is superfood coffee?

Superfood coffee is coffee blended with special superfoods and traditional spices. Superfoods are often characterized by high levels of valuable ingredients and some spices have been famous as coffee-spices for a long time.
We believe there are many good reasons for drinking coffee, so we tailored our superfood coffees to match your daily routine. We will wake you up and strengthen you when you must focus, regain your energy after lunch or help you relax and breath during a break.

 When do you drink coffee?

Focus (85% Arabica Coffee / 15% Superfoods) | has a full-bodied earthy taste that helps you stay present and focus on the tasks at hand. It provides you with balanced energy for your body and mind. Great when there is a lot going on!

Best moments to enjoy Focus? When you need to get stuff done, handle a stressful working day or for an energetic start on Monday morning.

Shine (70% Arabica Coffee / 30% Superfoods) | A coffee blend with spices that smell so good, it will lift your mood and let you enjoy the day relaxed and with ease. Time to Shine!

Best moments to enjoy Shine? When you want to enjoy and breath during a break, on vacation or on a relaxed Sunday morning in bed or for brunch.

Shape (58% Arabica Coffee / 42% Superfoods) | isn’t sweet, it is a fresh replacement for dessert. It has a slightly spicy ginger taste and stimulates digestion and metabolism.

Best moments to enjoy Shape? After meals or on a sporty afternoon when you want to get in shape and enjoy the day with a feeling of lightness and ease.

Beauty (60% Arabica Coffee / 40% Superfoods) | has a natural sweetness and less caffeine - the perfect 2nd cup of coffee for a soft energy push without jitters.

Best moments to enjoy Beauty? It is perfect if you are sensitive to coffee or love to drink a lot. Enjoy a cup of Beauty with a friend. It is like a wellness experience for your body and soul.

Relax (82% Lupine Coffee / 18% Superfoods) | Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is to relax. This special caffeine-free blend combines the perfect aroma of lupine, cocoa & vanilla and has a full-bodied harmonious aroma.

Best moments to enjoy Relax? Late afternoons, evenings to let you sleep at night or when you want to replace your regular cup(s) of coffee with a caffeine free alternative.


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