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For one cup of superfood coffee we recommend to put 1-2 teaspoons into your cup, pour over with 150-200ml hot water and stir. We use natural ingredients and you will see slight traces of them inside the cup. Don't worry, it's all drinkable.



Preferences | We like our coffee blends black, as we think the superfoods and spices already give it a great, harmonious taste. But of course you can prepare it with milk and sugar according to your preferences. 
Water | You can use hot, warm or cold water to make your superfood coffee. Cold coffee can be especially nice in summer or after sports.
Strength | You can always make your superfood coffee stronger by using less water and more superfood coffee powder or milder by adding more water and less superfood coffee powder. If you are not sure about the ratio we recommend starting with one spoon per cup and adding more powder if needed.
Focus is our strongest superfood coffee with 85% of coffee per cup, followed by Shine, Shape and Beauty, our mildest blends. If you put Focus-coffee-powder in a small cup (less water) your coffee will be even stronger, if you put Beauty-coffee-powder in a large cup (more water) your coffee will be even milder.

New Coffee Culture

Superfood coffee can be enjoyed in many other ways besides drinking it as a regular cup of coffee. The flavours and spices inspired our community to also use it, for example, in smoothies, breakfast bowls or bakeries. We collect and share their recipes in our blog New Coffee Culture.
Want to find out what else you can do with our superfood coffee? Check out our blog New Coffee Culture where we collect creative coffee recipes & articles by our community.