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About us

'Maison' is your house or home, 'Gern' is something you enjoy and like, combined it is a place that you enjoy, where you feel at home and like to be - a homelike feeling that you carry with you

Home is where your coffee is

Coffee is part of our daily life and we want to create a healthy alternative to todays typical coffee-milk-sugar-cake combinations.

Our first offers for you are our coffee blends with spices and superfoods and innovative coffee recipes on our blog new coffee culture.

 High quality standards for our superfood coffees are important for us.

What does that mean?

1. All our coffee blends are vegan and without added sugar. So you can decide yourself whether and how much sugar and milk you want to add to your coffee.
2. All our coffee blends are certified organic.
3. In our coffee blends we don’t use any artificial flavoring. We only add dried and ground spices and superfoods of which you will find small traces in your cup.
We travelled the world to find the best natural ingredients.The diverse region of the little island Sri Lanka for example is home to several of our ingredients such as ginger, ceylon cinnamon and cardamom.
The origin of our Arabica coffee beans is Papua Newguinea, whereas the Goji berries are from the Chinese culture. We also have some ingredients such as beet root or lupine coffee which are from our local regions.
The quality of our ingredients is the basis of our broad spectrum of aromas and gives our coffee blends such a wonderful taste.