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About us

About us

Our Vision

We want to revolutionize the world of coffee with a healthy, tasty and practical alternative to the coffee-milk-sugar-cake combinations common today. The focus is on good taste, adaptation to individual needs and an uncomplicated, everyday method of preparation.
The high quality standards for our Superfood coffees are extremely important to us. What does that mean?

  1. All our coffee blends are vegan and without added sugar. So you can decide for yourself if and how much sugar or milk you want to add to your coffee. But even without any additives, our blends taste incredibly delicious and harmonious, we prefer to drink them black.
  2. All our coffee blends are certified organic.
  3. We do not use artificial flavours in our coffee blends. We only add dried and ground spices and superfoods, of which you will also find small traces in your coffee cup.
  4. We pay attention to our ecological footprint. We only use ingredients from carefully selected producers who source their raw materials directly from small farmers without intermediaries and pay them fair wages. We keep delivery routes as short as possible and ship our coffee in recyclable carton. We are not perfect either, but we do our best to become it!

    Our ingredients

    We have traveled around the world to find the best natural ingredients. For example, the diverse landscape of the small island nation of Sri Lanka is home to some of our ingredients, such as ginger, Ceylon cinnamon and cardamom.
    Our Arabica coffee beans come from the highlands of Papua New Guinea and the goji berries from Chinese culture. Some of our ingredients, such as lupine coffee, come from our local region.
    The quality of our ingredients is the basis for our variety of aromas and gives our coffees their wonderful note. We pay attention not only to the high quality of the raw materials, but also to the harmonious composition of their effects. For example, both goji berries and cardamom in our blend "Beauty" contribute to making the coffee more digestible. Green coffee and ginger in "Shape" both have a stimulating effect.

    Our story

    The idea for Maison Gern was born in 2017. Founder Lena was on the road a lot and a healthy diet was very difficult. With Maison Gern, she wanted to create an innovative, balanced coffee alternative to today´s common coffee- milk-sugar-range.
    Inspired by the different coffee cultures of the world, she defined her own standards and launched a simple, practical and sustainable coffee solution.

    "We drink coffee in so many different situations, be it on weekends for a leisurely breakfast with friends or family, in the morning at work for an energy boost, or in the afternoon after lunch. But unlike, for example, tea, which comes in an infinite number of different blends, we always drink the same coffee in all situations - no matter what the occasion is or what we really need."

    Lena wanted more variation also in the coffee market and spent a lot of time choosing the right suppliers and the shortest logistics routes, while at the same time creating a tastefully exciting, harmonious drink for every time of day.
    Today we have our location in Munich with many very different customer groups all over Europe. We sell most of our coffee online, but from time to time you can also meet us at trade fairs or try us out in small local shops.

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