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Shine all day long

Posted by Maison Gern on

Imagine you’re drinking a cup of coffee and sip by sip you’re feeling how your mood is lifting by the mix of arabica coffee and superfood spices. You smile, ready to shine all day long.
Yes, this coffee is real. That’s how a day with Shine could look like:
Sunday morning is something great. You’re waking up - not too early, the evening before you happily switched your daily alarm off - and you turn around and go back to sleep for a little while longer.
You start beaming the moment you spot your new coffee on the kitchen counter. The water is boiling and you’re pouring it into a big cup with a teaspoon full of Shine. You stir for a moment and voilá: Your happy morning coffee is ready without a long wait for the coffee machine.
Back in your bed you’re snuggling down in your blanket - a small breakfast and the coffee in your hands. You’re taking a tiny sip from the cup and enjoying the pleasant and cosy feeling that starts to spread through your body.
It feels great to be home with something so good. Wouldn’t you like to start every morning with coffee that smells so relaxing and tastes so delicious?
In your best temper you’re pursuing your daily passions and activities. By the time you’re thinking about something sweet you’re having an ingenious idea: You want to refine an old recipe for cake with your new favourite coffee. A creative, unconventional idea that feels like a whole new coffee culture.
At the end of the day, when you’re back in bed and you know that you can start the next morning again relaxed and balanced with a cup of Shine, a good night's sleep is not far.
Superfood coffee Shine is a blend of 30% superfoods (e.g. lupine coffee, Ceylon cinnamon, saffron) and 70% of our arabica coffee beans from Papua New Guinea.
Tip: There is also a 20g sized package of our superfood coffee Shine – perfect to bring to the office or on short trips for a delicious coffee break.

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