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Lupines: Perfect coffee ingredient & sustainable caffeine-free

Posted by Maison Gern on

Not in the mood for decaffeinated coffee? Then lupine coffee is the right choice for you!

For some time now there has been a real trend towards a very special coffee with a rather special ingredient: lupines. You can read here about what lupines, their advantages in coffee are and why you should definitely try them out.

Lupines: Plant-based power booster

Vegetarians or vegans have probably heard already about this protein bomb, which is currently not only used as a coffee substitute, but also as an alternative to soy products. Unfortunately, lupins have been forgotten in the past decades. They belong to the group of legumes such as chickpeas. Like all legumes, the seeds of the lupine plant are rich in proteins. Another miracle weapon of lupines, which play a role especially in coffee, is that they do not contain caffeine.

Lupines in coffee: advantages

Since lupines do not contain caffeine, the coffee obtained from them is completely caffeine-free. This means that the typical symptoms that many coffee-lovers are probably familiar with (such as nervousness, restlessness or insomnia) are completely absent in lupine coffee. However, if you do not want to go without real coffee, you can also rely on coffees that contain lupins as an ingredient. As a result, the caffeine content is lowered, but your coffee is not completely caffeine-free. 

In terms of taste, lupines in coffee have an aromatic class that should not be missed by fans of full caffeine kicks. Lupines in coffee provide a light note of almond and ensure a particularly mild taste experience due to the low bitterness content. 

The lupine seeds are first dried and then roasted, but at lower temperatures than normal coffee beans. The result is a special aroma that is strong on the one hand, but also harmonious and mild on the other. Especially in combination with normal coffee beans, the taste of lupines comes to light. Another plus that speaks for lupines in coffee is its origins. nlike coffee beans, which are imported from tropical and subtropical regions of the world, lupins are also growing in our latitudes. So if you want to keep an eye on your climate footprint when enjoying your coffee, then this is just right for lupine coffee.

Lupines as an ideal coffee ingredient?

Lupines are an ideal addition to normal coffee if you want a little less caffeine but don't want to miss out on full bean enjoyment. In terms of taste, lupines optimally enrich the full-bodied aroma of the coffee beans. Even passionate caffeine aficionados should not miss a small taste of coffee with lupine content.

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