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Instant coffee - Always a good alternative

Posted by Maison Gern on

We are often asked if instant coffee is really a good alternative to espresso & Co. And we always answer this question with an energetic "yes!".  Instant coffee perfectly fits your daily routines. It´s quick and easy to prepare, be it at your workplace or at home. But instant coffee is also a great companion for your business trips, mountain tours, camping holidays or other adventure trips. Thanks to its small weight and space-saving size, the Maison Gern "Traveller" editions easily finds a place in your hand luggage or hiking backpack. 

We firmly recommend to take some time enjoying a cup of Maison Gern coffee. Put the hot water in your cup, smell the delicate flavours of our spices and escape a moment from your daily life. A good cup of coffee is the reset button for everyday life!

Whether on the couch with a good book, in your favourite café or on the way to your next adventure - a cup of coffee with superfoods like goji berries, tonka beans or beetroot will take this moment to the next level.

 You want to become more mindful? Here are three helpful tips for a happier and fulfilled life. 
  1. Take time off Whether a walk on the lake, a spa treatment or a lazy hour on your couch: Nothing is more important - and more effective - than regular time-outs to prevent stress. Sometimes 20 minutes are enough to retain the balance between body and soul.
  2. Less is more We are all performance-oriented and aim to get done as much as possible in our leisure and work. But our fully-packed diaries tend to create overstrain. Mute your calendar, minimize it and get more quality time with friends and family. 
  3. Pay attention to your friends Listen to yourself and your neighbour more consciously. How often do we sit together with friends, but do not really listen to them? Our omnipresent companion, the smartphone, is always in our hands. Keep it in your pocket during a meeting with friends. Maybe you even manage to activate the flight mode? 

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