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Coffee and sports - How coffee enhances performance

Posted by Maison Gern on

For many people, coffee is a daily companion and awakener. The fact that coffee improves concentration and enhances our performance is well-known and has been proven by studies. However, only very few people know that it can also be of great benefit in the area of sport. In the light of the good intentions for the New Year, a daily cup of coffee could therefore also be beneficial for your sporting activities.

In addition to a rise in body temperature and short-term high blood pressure, which increase physical performance, coffee can reduce the perceived exertion within a workout, as caffeine has an analgesic effect. Moreover, the vessels in the bronchial system of the lungs dilate, which often results in easier breathing.
Caffeine is a psychotropic substance - i.e. a substance that influences the human psyche. As it releases the messenger substances dopamine and adrenaline, among others, it has an uplifting effect, stimulates the nervous system and can strengthen the immune system. The caffeine is effective up to five hours after the coffee has been drunk. However, it has the greatest effect as early as 30-60 minutes after consumption, which should be taken into account for the training period.

Coffee is also used by top athletes to increase their performance and is a kind of natural, legal doping. You too can use the stimulating effect of coffee to your sporting advantage! However, you should note that this refers to endurance training - whether coffee also has an effect on our muscle strength has not yet been clearly proven. And coffee should not take the place of a thirst quencher during training, because too much is not only unhealthy, but can even reduce performance.

Drinking an espresso half an hour before your workout from now on can already improve your performance, but sugar and milk should be avoided. However, if you are generally averse to black coffee, Maison Gern offers a milder, healthy alternative: Superfoods. Instead of adding milk and sugar, the taste is rounded off with ground superfoods and spices. Our coffee Shape, for example, with its high ginger content, can not only improve performance through the caffeine it contains, but also stimulate the metabolism and thus help with digestion and weight loss.

Maison Gern is an ideal companion for an active lifestyle and can be adapted to you and your individual training according to your personal preferences and tolerance. The biggest advantage is that you can take your coffee with you wherever you go and only need hot water to prepare it.

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