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Coffee innovation

Coffee that is healthy, sustainably sourced, mobile, easy to prepare and supertasty? This is getting reality with Maison Gern! With superfood coffee, we created a conscious alternative to today´s typical coffee-milk-sugar-cake combinations. Learn more about superfood coffee.


You are already excited and would like to know how to prepare superfood coffee and what else you can do with it? Discover our blog!

Why superfood coffee?


To you it is important to do something good to your body with what you consume and you care about your impact on the environment?


At Maison Gern we only use carefully selected, organic ingredients, no artificial flavoring or added sugars!
The coffee we use is fairtrade and organic, the superfoods and spices are completely natural, vegan and produced sustainably.
Learn more about us.



You love the taste of coffee, but sometimes it gets a little too intense, so you feel the need to add something sweet? 


We know that sometimes coffee can be a little bitter and for decades people solved that problem by drinking it with milk and sugar or by adding a cookie or cake.
We think that there´s a healthier option that tastes even better: Superfood coffee!
Learn more about superfood coffee.



You enjoy a good cup of coffee, but you´re often on the road or in a hurry, where you have to settle for bad or no coffee at all? 


We know that your time is valuable and it is important to us that you can enjoy your coffee quickly and easily anywhere without sacrificing quality or taste.
Whether you're hiking, traveling or just enjoying a coffee in between, with Maison Gern all you need to prepare your coffee is hot water.
Learn how to prepare your superfood coffee.


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